3 apps to learn about ancient Greece

From history of first secondary to tertiary level, through history, literature, anthropology, philosophy and other subjects dedicated to letters, ancient Greece, its culture and its learning are present, that’s why we leave you 3 apps to learn about the ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece History
Launched in February 2019, it weighs 7.4 mb and already has more than 10 thousand downloads, requires Android 4.0.3, the idea is that you have a free-style tour of history about each fact of ancient Greece, with reference and prominent characters. The Greeks were one of the cultures that has transcended in the history of humanity, given their advances in mathematics, astronomy and construction, to learn about all this you can use this app that makes it clear who invented such a thing or in what year.

Learn Greek History
The primary package weighs 1.8 Mb, but it works online, it requires Android 2.3.3 one of the differences with the previous app is that it has a referential map and a table of contents, you can navigate between different historical facts or search for a specific term. Developed by CoolFreeApps, a group of developers that seeks to disclose academic information in the form of an Android application.

Greek mythology
Nothing but myths and legends, but if you want to know about Greek literature and its customs, it is good that you know a little about what their type of belief was and what they relied on to make decisions. This app weighs 32 mb, requires android 4.0 and already has 100,000 downloads, has each of the entities of Greek mythology.

Whether you have to give a partial of ancient Greek literature, want to know the most important mythological characters or know how far the greatest expansion of the Greek empire was, this package of applications for android is undoubtedly the best in its material.