5 great Google applications that will surely not know

Everyone generally have a high regard to products that makes Google Inc, this is because it has applications which are often surprised because these are very well maintained and are very useful.

In this article we will discuss five great Google applications with great potential, but unfortunately for these life issues have been little recognized.

My Tracks

As a means of exercise, running lately has become fashionable, so if you have a smartphone this application will be very helpful. My Tracks allows you to record how long have you been doing exercise in addition to recording the routes.

Field Trip

Google some time ago performed the launch of this application which certainly surprised us. Field Trip is an augmented reality game which allows us to move with the intention of taking our attractions for teams which are distributed in our city, it is a completely free and very entertaining game.

For quite a while this application is doubt as it will allow Google to know what points of interest are allowing our liking also use this information to try to sell products.

Google Authenticator

This application despite being largely unknown becomes very useful. Google Authenticator is an application which generates an authentication code, this is generated each time someone accesses your account and not enter the authentication code generated can not access it.

Google Fonts

It is a very useful web application which will provide an extensive catalog of types of sources to your site, these are free and can be used privately or commercially.

Make your mobile web

One of the most useful of Google which web applications will allow us to explore our website to see if this is perfectly adapted for viewing on mobile also gives you tips which will help improve site optimization your website in the mobile devices.

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