Android applications to learn HTML

The HTML is a programming language to generate hypertext, that is, a text string that can be interpreted by a web browser, in Spanish, to make a web page through code.

The process of making a web page from scratch in addition to taking us to an important level of abstraction also teaches us things that can be used for the web positioning of the site itself, it is deeper what to simply do a website in blogger or wordpress.

Now, all this intro is nothing more than an excuse to expose the true content of this article, applications for android that serve to learn HTML programming and web design, we show you some:

Layers of handling tags and html syntax, it also shows you with different colors the most important tags that a web, head, body, title, etc. have The good thing is that through boxes you can select what your website will take and generates the html code. You need 2.3 Mb of space on your cell phone and Android 2.3 or higher. Follow this link to download.

Learn HTML
Developed by SoloLearn this one of the many free applications for Android that exist in the universe of play store, weighs 6 Mb and requires Android 4.0.3 or higher, updated to July 2019 this app allows you to learn the basics of HTML programming; In addition to coding, it also shows you in graphic format how a web page is structured from scratch. Link