Applications to create and organize your organic garden at home

Many have been looking for Applications to create and organize your organic garden at home, given the large amount of material on how to plant and harvest your own plants at home, many times we fall into the error of doing to the letter what we find on the internet without even knowing if it works or not, a very common mistake is to plant out of date, following internet indications, where we do not know which hemisphere the station is referring to.

For example we see a website that says that it is better to plant pumpkin in the fall, but it would not be the same in UK or Australia since in one it would be autumn and in the other spring.

So that your plants do not suffer more neglect and end up spoiling the harvest, we leave you this package of apps that will help you be a better gardener.

Garden organizer – Manage your orchard and garden.
With a first-class graphic distribution this app allows you to manage your garden in a simple way, have information about each vegetable you can plant, choose what type of vegetable to plant and what day. Get organized with watering and transplanting if necessary, as well as drawing a small table in your garden to find out which plant is in which pot.

It is light, weighs 4.6 mb and requires android 5.0 or higher.

Garden Pot
This app is fantastic because it tells you how to get the most out of soil performance, especially for small spaces, small gardens or even for people who plant in pots or on balconies in apartments that do not have soil to plant.

You can plan when to plant, it has an alarm type alert, it also tells you specifically what date to transplant the plant if required.

It weighs 6.0 mb requires android 4.1 and has 100,000 downloads