Road to Russia 2018

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Every time less is needed so that the World Cup Russia 2018 starts, as you know the Road to Russia 2018 is one of the best, that’s why we have made a list with all the destinations, in terms of… Continue Reading

Transmission of Matches of the League of Spain

Transmission of Matches of the League of Spain

The League of Spain is one of the tournaments with more viewers around the world, not for nothing there are several companies dedicated to the televising of the games of the Spanish first division. Regarding digital platforms, Movistar + or… Continue Reading

2018 Winter Olympics Games

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The Winter Olympics Games begin next Friday, February 9 and end on Sunday, February 25, will take place in the city of Pyeongchang in South Korea, after this edition will come the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. Before that we… Continue Reading

Facebook changed the way of working

The social network facebook has changed the way of working, both to show a product, sell it and understand it, nowadays talking about customer loyalty is not something new nor is it a taboo subject, you have to understand the… Continue Reading