Android applications to learn HTML

The HTML is a programming language to generate hypertext, that is, a text string that can be interpreted by a web browser, in Spanish, to make a web page through code.

The process of making a web page from scratch in addition to taking us to an important level of abstraction also teaches us things that can be used for the web positioning of the site itself, it is deeper what to simply do a website in blogger or wordpress.

Now, all this intro is nothing more than an excuse to expose the true content of this article, applications for android that serve to learn HTML programming and web design, we show you some:

Layers of handling tags and html syntax, it also shows you with different colors the most important tags that a web, head, body, title, etc. have The good thing is that through boxes you can select what your website will take and generates the html code. You need 2.3 Mb of space on your cell phone and Android 2.3 or higher. Follow this link to download.

Learn HTML
Developed by SoloLearn this one of the many free applications for Android that exist in the universe of play store, weighs 6 Mb and requires Android 4.0.3 or higher, updated to July 2019 this app allows you to learn the basics of HTML programming; In addition to coding, it also shows you in graphic format how a web page is structured from scratch. Link

Earn money with your personal website thanks to Google Adsense

For almost two decades now there has been a system of monetization by Google in terms of advertising on the Internet, the question that many are asking now is: what is Google adsense and what is it for?

The system is simple, Google receives money from advertisers, which can be from multinationals, banks, public entities to a small local market.

With that money Google, through its Adwords campaign begins to show advertising on Internet sites related to the subject that seeks to be known, that is, if you have a car website, car parts or something related to motorsport is You will see advertising related to the motor world.

The more clicks you have on these ads, the more money you will earn.
The way to charge for is simple, you require the necessary documentation for your country and then request a PIN which will arrive at your address

Once the PIN arrives you can be part of Google Adsense.

The money will be charged to the expired month, that is to say, in January you will charge it around February 20 and thus, the minimum payments are of 100 usd and the maximum of 10,000 usd per payment, if you have to collect 15,870 usd, you will charge one day 10,000 usd and the next 5,870

In any case, it depends on the country you are in and the current tax and financial legislation. In Uruguay, any money transfer or payment of more than 5,000 usd in cash must be checked and the financial institution that pays you can request information about how you got the money and who sent it to you.

Many people make money with Adsense, with your personal website for news, crafts, sports information, nutrition or you simply like to write about this topic, put useful, necessary and quality information and you can start earning money with Adsense.

Later we will talk about the details, for example take care of the aesthetics of the website as well as make sure to use photographs without commercial copyright or even better that it is yours and if they have better watermarks.

best free apps for smartphone 2019

The best applications for smartphone in this 2019

The best applications for smartphone in this beginning 2019 are intimately linked to sustainability, online monetization and the organization of tasks, let’s see what we have to optimize our equipment this year:

Clean Kondo
For those who hate to clean, or the organization of the house is usually a task difficult here is a cute, light and totally free application for android which works to have a list of tasks to be done at home.

It seems easy but it is not, order books, wash the floor, clean the kitchen, the bathroom sort furniture and do a deep cleaning of the home sometimes requires unforeseen logistics, so this is undoubtedly one of the best free apps.

It is a very new app, it was launched on February 8, 2019 and requires 25 Mb in storage space; It was developed by the technology firm

kondo app

Countdown to the start of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics
A bit is missing so we can see our favorite athletes participate in the Olympics but it’s always good to have an account regressive, many sports journalists need this information at each second.

Developed by Yellow Melon its last update was the past 28 of January, one of the advantages is that it barely has a size of 2.9 Mb; requires Android 4.4 or higher to work properly.

countdown tokyo 2020


CV Maker free 2019
Nothing better than having everything summarized to create a work resume shocking having too much information in a CV can play us in against, over-qualification is a reality and may leave us unemployed, apply only to what they ask us can be the difference between getting the employment that we want or continue to be disabled.

This App is already becoming known in the world of human resources, It was launched recently on January 18, 2019 and already has more than 100 thousand downloads, you need Android version 4.0.3 to run and have 19 Mb of free space.

cv maker

All this apps are free to download from the Google Play Store

Graphic resources for designers in PSD, PNG format among others on robotics and engineering

Graphic resources for designers in PSD, PNG format among others on robotics and engineering

For many the design of electronic circuits combined with art can be more than a headache. Download graphic robotics pack

Beyond the robotic hand and an android robot design the inspiration ends very, very soon, far from that is this gallery of graphics in robotics with elements such as flyers, electronic components, robotic hand in PNG, flow diagram designs.

Design of panels, science of technology, artificial intelligence and even cartoons representative of the world of robotics.

If what you are looking for is a high visual impact in order to present a robotics course or workshop, we recommend you browse the gallery within the PSD section, these are files for Adobe Photoshop which have a first level graphic quality.

PSD design of flow diagrams, robotics and engineering

Pack of illustrations for poster of engineering and software development
Studying design and visual communication is one of the tasks where you will be closest to the downloads to complete your work, you will work in teams more hours with photographers and illustrators than with any other professional in the work circle.

That’s why it’s better to always be attentive to the new design modalities and maybe look for inspiration for your next digital robotics project.

Design in mechatronics and engineering tutorials in mechatronics to download

Image source

Work as a web writer. Find a job to work from home now

One of the professions that is most needed in these times is web writing. Generating quality content for internet sites is a pending issue, especially in United States.

In the creation of a quality website come into play the webmaster, the editor and because not the designer / photo, the tics are generating quality employment although there are still grays in the regulatory framework of work.

Teletrabjo offers a seductive proposal to earn money from home easily but we are also in a world where for a dollar at the other end of the world can do 100 times our work, which generates a wild and brutal competition.

We recommend working slowly, for example an option to earn extra money is publisuites, a platform that allows you to earn money with your website, that is, if you have an online website you can write and on this platform find advertisers.

You can also work for a seo content and digital marketing company, for that it is not necessary to know how to build a website or have knowledge of html programming, you just need to know how to manage a text editor and you’re ready to work.

The tools we need to start working as a web editor are first attitude and then knowledge of how to handle wordpress, a notebook, microsoft word or some free version of office.