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How to convert a Word document into a PDF file? Usually to send a resume it is necessary to attach a PDF file, when we send a price list it is convenient to send a file of these characteristics, to send information by cell phone or simply to make sure that it is compatible with the recipient it is better to trust a PDF, But? … if we have Word on our installed PC, what do we have to do to convert into PDF?

Well there are a lot of ways to convert DOC to PDF, when we talk about Doc we are referring to a Word document since that is the extension of the file.

A good trick is to download and install a program called Foxit Reader, it is a PDF file viewer that has a plugin for the web browser and also integrates perfectly with the operating system, so when we are going to save the file in Word, we go where it says Save As … and we will see PDF as an extension.

Foxit Reader is a program that can be downloaded for free and is an excellent solution to the problem.

Another much more elaborate option would be to use an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop, where we generate a blank A4-style file, copy and paste the text we have in Word and save it as PDF; although we would not be converting a Word file into PDF but rather we take out the content to transform it into an image; anyway, the trick he always ends up helping us.

Doc to PDF file converter online

There are a lot of internet sites that offer this service, they all have different systems, some add a watermark, others do it by downloading a plugin for the browser.

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