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Google Chrome has become the most used web browser in the world

Created by Google this browser maximizes the user’s graphic experience when browsing, the name derives from a graphic matrix named Chrome.

Currently has more than 750 million users, its growth is due to the fact that being part of the free software project the large number of companies developing smart devices such as tablet or smartphones installed on their devices

But also the growth of accounts Google user also makes the users want to download Google Chrome free for their devices have an Android operating software or not.

Google Chrome features
One of the revolutions of Chrome and with which marked an antecedent was the search directly from the navigation bar, in the past explorers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox did not have integrated search engines so the address bar was used only to enter a URL for then do a search

With the arrival of Chrome this was not necessary, the user directly performed a Google search from the navigation bar saving time, click energy and improving the browsing experience.

Another point in favor of Chrome is its high compatibility with a large number of devices such as desktops, laptops, cell phones and tablets, making it the preferred web browser for all types of users.

In addition to the experience of browsing the Internet itself, Chrome has a range of options to customize the browser itself as flashy and fully customizable themes.

The best of all, always will be free

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