Now you can download Netflix

The company announced that users will now be able to download content from their website. The complete note can be seen in the online edition of The Washington Post.

On November 30, 2016, Netflix announced that its subscribers would be able to view shows, series and movies in offline mode, at no extra cost, Netflix content is not available for this, but most of it, in a nutshell Netflix Enabled the download of its content.

Now you can see your series, movies and cartoons on your Android or iOS phone directly on Netflix even if you do not have an internet connection, the same on a PC or tablet. This new functionality allows you to finish watching movies or your favorite chapter even if the internet connection has been cut off.

The great thing about this new Netflix tool is that it has no extra cost.

What is Netflix?
It is a California based company that allows you to watch online content like movies and series in HD quality in their original language or subtitled, the tool works through a monthly payment that allows you to see on phones, computers, smartv, etc. Netflix works around the world except: China, Syria, Crimea and North Korea.

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