The e-mail is a communication system that allows users to send and receive text messages, even with attachments used by the global connection internet network as a platform for message flow.

To have an email account you need to register with an email provider that can be free or paid.

Some of the most famous free e-mail services are:

How does an email work?
An email address basically has three parts, the user name, the at sign and the domain name. The username is the name with which a person registers with a particular mail provider.

The at (@), is a symbol to determine where the user name ends and where the provider starts. The name after the at sign is the domain name of the service provider.

E-mail was very popular during the first era of the internet, it was easier to send a message to a person, attach files, etc. The rise of social networks had not arrived so the best communication was through the mail or the famous Messenger.

How do I create an email? How does an email work? Who Invented Email? What does email mean?
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