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Facebook is a social network and a company based in the United States. Its creator, top shareholder and CEO is Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook’s headquarters is located in the area known as Menlo Park located in the east side of San Mateo County in the state of California.

The creators and founders of Facebook are: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. All of them were in 2005 season university students of the University of Harvard.

Before facebook existed facemash, a web developed by Zuckerberg. In September of 2005 facebook was launched to the university campus with an excellent reception.

For August 26, 2008, facebook already had 100 million users and a monthly growth of 178%.

In September of 2012 reaches 1000 million users. It currently has around 1790 million users. It also has 15,700 employees around the world.

In which programming language is facebook made?
Facebook runs under various programming languages. According to its creators it was developed in C ++, PHP and D Language.

Impact of Facebook on the city of Menlo Park
The last census was in 2010 and reported 32,096 inhabitants. Demographics Estimates have a population of 33,309. In 2012 facebook announced the location of its headquarters in this district, currently in the headquarters work 6,600 employees daily.

Source: wikipedia

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