Facebook changed the way of working

The social network facebook has changed the way of working, both to show a product, sell it and understand it, nowadays talking about customer loyalty is not something new nor is it a taboo subject, you have to understand the reality, millennials are more inclined to buy online to go to the corner store, it’s true, in the corner store they tend to it faster, it costs less, they walk and exercise, they socialize first hand (face to face), but in short he does not like it, it’s not like he wants to be, he’s not the facebook person, so he prefers to pay a little more for a product on the internet.

Internet and costs
On the internet we have to add to the products all the logistics cost of transport, shipping, collections, money orders, deposits, plus the entire strategy of positioning a product, however, why is it so effective to sell through Facebook? Because what you would achieve with a traditional media with a printed flyer, radio or even television on facebook you get in a couple of hours, if you give the campaign just how to show your product or service can become viral in question of hours and for the other day millions of people may be watching your product.

How do I do that?
The question of the million, everything will depend on the public you want to make your proposals, a product that tries to invade the wall of others with decisions about politics or lifestyle can fall very badly, the idea is that you generate an atmosphere where the product is the secondary one, it talks about quality of life, health, happiness, sharing joy and leaves the marketing part overlapped in the background, if you go with direct mail from the first second, no you will have the expected results.

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