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I’m having trouble accessing Gmail chat. How do I log in to Gmail chat? I can’t chat correctly in Gmail.

These are just a few of the situations raised by users who have had problems using Gmail chat.

Let’s see what happens.
First of all we have to make two things clear; on the one hand we have chat integrated into the Gmail inbox, that is, a light version where when we log in to Gmail we see in our own inbox a section where the Gmail contacts that are connected appear, to which we can send them a chat-style instant message.

The thread of the conversation can be tracked and even saved as an email conversation.

But, on the other hand, we have an application called Google Talk, we must make it clear that Google Talk is an application, that is, a program, which must be downloaded (free of charge) and then installed on our computer.

The advantages of using Google Talk over the light version of Google Chat are many. Started because we don’t depend on the web browser to talk. We also have the possibility to use this tool to start a conversation with audio and video in HD, making it possible to have a free videoconference with several friends through the computer.

Chat in your inbox.
On the left side of our screen, we will see the photo of our profile followed by a green circle. This indicates that we are available to chat with any other Gmail contact who is also in your inbox at the time or who is connected from Google Talk.

The contacts listed below are the users we can talk to.

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