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How to Create a Hotmail Email Account

How do I create a new Gmail account?

What steps to follow to create an email account in Gmail? It is very easy to create an email account in Gmail, just follow these steps to create one.
What benefits do I have to use Gmail? Having an email with 15GB of free storage, in addition to a virtual disk called Google Drive with which you can store photos, galleries, your office documents, PDF files, etc. Having an inbox that is available in more than 72 languages.

Extra storage capacity. Integration with social networks, notifications on your Smartphone in real time. anti spam filter to have your input tray extremely clean. Ability to fully synchronize your email with your contacts on your mobile. Custom Search post in the tray to find out exact words, contacts, phrases, etc. Money transfer and payment methods differences using Google tools.Steps to create the account

Enter the official website of Gmail is mail, then click on the button that says Create an account. If you already have an account click where it says Login to open your tray.What data need to create an email account?

In the next window you will see an online form where you will place name, last name, username, password (you must place twice), date of birth on the day, month and year format.

Gender, cell phone contact and alternate email account if you already have.

Finally the town where you are.

Click on the button that says Next.What is the username?

The user name is the name that other users will send email messages and which are about to log Gmail, is what is before @ gmail.comWhy you have to put twice the password?

Is the way for the system to compare the password you placed is correct, by placing twice the system compares field 1 to field 2 in case of a mismatch must put it back.What I used to have an alternate email account?

If you forget your username and / or password, an email will be sent to this alternative account to recover your Gmail account.

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