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Best of Gmail, Gmail for mobile. Without doubt the best email when using a mobile device like a smartphone is Gmail. Why Gmail is the best email for use in a cell?

The reality today mark the biggest email providers seeking to catch mobile users, people who use social networks, living always connected and always be aware of technological developments.

But … not always good color schemes and advertising campaigns that users will choose one or the other post, the trend is that today those who use email on their cell chooses to Gmail.

This is due to the great features found in Gmail. First because of its universality, its platform makes it accessible from almost any device, even if it has the Android operating system.

The high accessibility by users is key. But there are other aspects that users put in the balance when opting for Gmail, for example:

Gmail for mobile displays search suggestions in section while we are writing.

You can open your inbox in almost any mobile device, even if you have Android installed.

You can view and manage multiple accounts.

You can work with labels, so as to better manage your emails.

You can see pictures automatically.

You can attach multiple files at once, that if you have Android 4.3 or higher.

Attach automatic responses can also be done from Gmail for mobile.

You can print emails and attachments from the cell without sending the data to a computer. This only if you have Android 4.4 or higher.

You not already have Gmail on the phone. Try Gmail Sign in

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