How to use Gmail on an iPhone?

How to send an email from Gmail on an iPhone? How to use Gmail on an iPhone?

Here are some questions that hundreds of iPhone Smartphone users are doing at the moment, such as whether they have to pay something extra for using your mail or Gmail specifically can use it or not.

In this article you will find it very easy to configure Gmail on an iPhone. We will go step by step to be able to send an email from your Gmail account from your iPhone, for that you must do the following:

Go to iTunes.

Search the Gmail iPhone app, it is free.

This application works for both iPhone and iPad.

The last stable version is 27 August this year.

It weighs nly 9 Mb.

What you can do with Gmail on my iPhone?

Besides being able to send and receive emails, you can: configure up to five Gmail accounts by phone.

Receive notifications on the screen of your phone when you have a new email and see when I get a new message.

Search specifically in your mail inbox.

Use Google Calendar to see what they have scheduled and manage your calendar based on your activities.

Send messages with attachments that are on your iPhone.

Last version 2.4

Now you can send larger attachments with the new version.

Besides integration with Google Drive it is much better.

The new version has a more intuitive design and much clearer. Also while surfing the Internet and have your active account can click on the +1 button, you can become a follower of a publication and you can make comments on websites with your Gmail account.

Note that this is an official application from Google, you can download the complete safety from iTunes.

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