Google has changed the way people listen to music

Google for this 2017 increased significantly the number of users who visit your platform Streaming “Concierge”.

Google Play Music is a new tool which aims to combine aspects of music algorithm with the understanding of the human music.

Entering this new platform as Google tells suggestions appear which change according to the situation and thus allow it to adapt more to our mood or the situation in which the user is, this platform can find available both computers to mobile devices.

“We believe that this tool will be the future of music as they not only get what we want to hear, also have ideas of the ideal for the user in question based on music and its context that it is by how you feel.”

Basically, as mentioned previously this tool will allow users to get music without looking literally.

The developer of music to Concierge is only stereo Google Mexico which had the support of experts in the US, in addition to the help of bloggers and journalists.

This curious new merger was implemented on Google Play allow users to join a service which will have unlimited access to more than 35 million songs, allowing you to store more than 50 thousand in the clouds or in the online store.

The 2016 can enjoy a new Concierge which will offer users a better experience in the streaming platform Google.

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