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Gmail.comWhat is Google Translate? It is one of the many free online platform which allows Google to translate any text from a variety of languages.

To access go to the web address

Google Translate or Google Translator is a free tool that lets you not only translate a text or piece of text but is also added to the Google search results when performing a Google search and get results in a website language that is not ours and we will see the option Automatically Translate this page.
Google Translate is a system similar to Babylon but only to free online.

Service features:
The results are obtained in a language foreign to you, you copy a piece of text or fragment of a website and paste it in the first box, that is the language of the text is written, translated and button precionas ready, get the result right next door.

In mid 2010 he joined a new feature that lets you listen to any word or piece of text in the language you want for what Google Translate now translates text only text but also does text to speech.

Take advantage now that Google has tools for you, go now to the world Google, create a gmail account and get a virtual disk over 7.3 GB, a free office suite and hundreds of productivity tools.

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