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Google Drive could be defined as a storage service, how it works is a union of a website and an application that work as links between internet users and users who have a Google account and its own storage system on the cloud. It is understood to drive in the world of computing as a means of storage, then in short the phrase Google Drive talks about an internet-based file hosting service and with Google at the top.

The application was launched in April 2012 and by October 2014 had 240 million active users. Now the process of storing files from Google started the moment it launched Gmail back in 2004. Although the users did not have an interface where they view the files in the form of folders, it was real that the attachments how the messages Were stored on Google’s servers.

By February of 2007 all users with a Google account could access Google Docs, a set of tools that had a word processor and a spreadsheet, in addition to being able to edit these online files could also be stored.

For April 2012 Google launched the App available for both Windows, Mac, Android phones, and also for iPhone and iPad devices.

The user, when login Gmail or entering in the Google account, accesses the Google Drive icon through the toolbox, where they can upload files from their computer or mobile, edit, share, modify, etc. This allows users to not rely on a fixed hard disk in their computers to store files such as photos, videos, documents, among others, making access to these files much easier.

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