Download Google Drive for PC

Advantages of downloading Google Drive
As a first advantage what we have is an extra storage of 15 GB currently with each Google account clear is can be expanded in case you need more space. But best of all is the convenience of sending files from your desktop to the Google cloud space, it has a very intuitive interface and the process is extremely simple, as mentioned above you can save your family memories, work files, data Study and have access to them whenever you want.

The good thing is that in case you upload files such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets you can open them with Google Docs, it is not necessary to have extra applications on your mobile or tablet to have to open these documents. Remember that to access Google Drive then you need a Google account which you get when you log in to gmail.

Here you have all the information to know what Google Drive is and how it works. In the meantime you can download the app for your computer that will allow you to easily and quickly synchronize files on your desktop like music, mp3, videos, photos and more to your Google account, so that you have access to them from anywhere, And in case you have a problem with your PC you can recover the files.

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Download Google Drive
The application is available for both PCs with Windows operating system and Mac computers using iOS systems, also for Android for anyone who wants to download it to your Android Smartphone or tablet.

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