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Login Hotmail is one of the easiest things in life and we already have it naturalized about all of us who have been using the Internet for years, both from an application and directly from a browser or cell phone, however there are still people who are facing a great barrier, the so-called digital divide, which allows us to access excellent tools like the ones we are seeing right now, either due to ignorance of using computer tools, fear, lack of infrastructure or all of them added together.

How do I have to do to login Hotmail?
Good question, the first thing we want to know is how are you going to do it? Is it from a computer, a cell phone, a tablet? Yes it is from a computer it is very, very simple, you just have to open your favorite web browser (make sure you have an internet connection) and in the address bar of the browser type, this will automatically take you to the website Hotmail official mail; Once there you just have to enter your username (what is before the @ and the mail password, then click on Login.

How do I log in from a cell phone?
Yes we are talking about the best thing is to have the Outlook application, the mobile version is faster if you use an application that you are entering from the webmail since it has certain limitations, be sure to download and install Hotmail for Cellular and see how it is much easier to use the application, one of the advantages is that it does not require that you are trying to log in Hotmail continuously, once it reaches.

Features and benefits of Hotmail e-Mail
HotmailĀ  is also the best email webmail in the world one of the most complete, has full integration with Facebook, Skype, twitter and Linkedin. It has great features that allow you to do several things at once such as OneDrive, a system that allows you to store files instantly in the Microsoft cloud, it is very easy to use, any attachment that thongs is stored in your tray. entry but if you want you can upload or download files to and from the cloud which makes it easier for you to manage information from outside your computer or preferred cell, you can use it as a system to backup files or to send large files and share them with your friends, colleagues, coworkers, etc.

One of the points in favor of the Hotmail webmail is that the advertisements have been removed so that you can navigate quietly through your reading space without discomfort, the appearance of Outlook Mail is the same as that of Windows 8 (or at least it seems) this topic allows you to visualize in a simple and simple way both the messages received and the other messages.

The office files are fully compatible with Hotmail, you upload a file of Word, Excel and / or Power Point and immediately the system allows you to edit them, you can also create your own from the inbox without having to download the application, this has been a great advantage when using Hotmail in the offices since it allows to have very important applications totally free of charge.

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