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How to open correctly? Why do I have so many problems when opening the website? How do you open correctly?

The correct way to open is as follows
Using your web browser program is internet explorer, google chrome, mozilla Firefox, safari, go to the address bar and type then press the ENTER key or enter your keyboard.

What is a web browser?
It is a program that you must have installed on your computer, usually it can be Internet Explorer that comes by default in Windows, you can also have installed Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Safari is the web browser for Apple computers and iPhone cell phones.
The address bar is that sector at the top of the screen where you enter the internet addresses, please type to open Hotmail correctly.

Once this is done (please make sure you are typing correctly) you will be able to access Hotmail in the most appropriate way.

Once you are on the Hotmail website you only need to log in

What does it mean to log in?
It means that you must validate your access to the system, for that you must enter your username and password

What is a username and password?
The username is the name you selected to go before @ the key is completely secret and you selected it when you followed the steps to create a Hotmail email account.

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What difference does a web page have in an email? Is a mail box the same as a social network account? Why do I need to have an email?
Email is the basis of communication today, to have an account of a social network like facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin or whatever you have to have an email account to validate it.
If you are going to receive bank information about a credit card, debit card, PIN change or any type of financial procedure online you must have an email account to validate the movements.
You are going to create a linkedin account to find a job that is right for you, fabulous and very good for the initiative, but you will have to have an email to validate the account and communicate with other professionals.
Now how do I get an email? There are several offers in the world of email services, for example we have Hotmail, Yahoo and one of the most popular, Gmail, which is offered by Google, completely free of charge and with the ability to be compatible with virtually all electronic devices Of the moment.
In addition to being able to access your email, you can open a youtube account, save data to google drive, access Google Docs that will allow you to create documents, share them, etc.
Another option is Hotmail, which remains one of the most popular emails among Internet users. This mailing service is provided by Microsoft.


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