How to be organized and productive

First of all, the first step in overcoming the mess in your life, be it work, marriage, and at home is to be able to recognize that you have that problem of disorder. Now, the answer is that you do not have to be a superhero to put the house in order, it’s all about attitude.
Achieving that superhero status is not the goal of this article, the idea is that you can focus to be more organized, more productive, have a less stressful life and be happier.

How is it done?
Come home and notice that everything is messed up, the beds untended, the bathroom dirty, the kitchen is a total chaos, your children’s bedroom looks war zone and the pets have destroyed everything within reach. You begin to order and feel that the task is exhausting, that you never finish, that it is still messed up, you do not see changes and you already feel overwhelmed. You order something and get another thing broken, you clean one thing and you start to cook and so on until bedtime, another exhausting day.

The solution: admit that we feel pain, sadness, shame and disgust at the disorganization of the home, admit and admit to ourselves that the wave has covered us, the tasks have surpassed us, this way you can release all that accumulated stress to give Your first steps in the organization of the home.

One step at a time
The secret is to start ordering from one step at a time and not doing everything at the same time, by doing things in multitasking mode we always have the feeling that something is missing, that we have not finished or rather that it could Have been better.

If you do something, you order something hurriedly and it looks bad, then you go for something else and so continuously until you see again what was half-way, you will feel bad and totally frustrated.
Do one thing at a time in an excellent way, this way you can totally release the stress that is what is doing you wrong, the disorder is not killing you, the stress of seeing the disorder itself.
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