How to configure a chromecast from an android mobile?

How to configure Chromecast with television and the applications that we have on our mobile, well let’s follow the steps below.

What is a chromecast, what is it for and how do I use it at home?

When we buy the Chromecast, we open the box and one part is the device itself with its HDMI connection to connect it to a television, its power supply consisting of a charger and a USB cable

After we have everything connected to the TV we will go to its configuration; To configure our Chromecast device the first thing we have to do is connect it to the television through the HDMI output. The other part connected to the cell phone or can also be done via Wifi.

Once connected to the television and the phone we have to download the google cast application; once we find it in google play store we give it download and then to install.

The next step is to open it before opening how we are connected to our Wifi network; we have to change that connection and connect to the network Chromecast allows for that we are going to put Wifi settings; We select the name of the device and ready we are already connected, now is when we can open the Google cast application we wait for it to finish loading (it may take time depending on the cell phone) we go to the devices tab and here we have to configure, this is where we can rename our Chromecast.

Once this is done we can see on our android cell phone that the new device for sending images is already on the network, now you can send content from the phone to the chromecast and also the other way around, although this function is rarely used.

The uses of chromecast are endless, from having quality multimedia content always playing in your business, to being able to watch Netflix movies, youtube videos or soccer games online without having to have a cable subscription.