I can’t sign in to Gmail. Forgot my Gmail Password

I’m having trouble signing in to my Gmail mail account. How do I do if I can’t sign in to Gmail? I’m having trouble signing in to my Gmail account.

In this article, we’ll look at one of the most common problems with signing in to Gmail, and it’s the problem of not being able to access Gmail because we’ve forgotten or have an apparent problem with our Gmail password.

What can I do if I forget my Gmail password? Steps to reset your Gmail password.

The first thing to consider is whether we have really forgotten the password or are entering an incorrect password. Remember to always keep the shift key off and if you use numbers remember to turn on your computer’s number pad. There are computers where the keyboard configuration is incorrect and the inconvenience may be there.

There are certain computers, especially laptops that have an English keyboard but their configuration is in Spanish, this can be confusing. The same happens the other way around, we may have a Spanish keyboard but for some unknown reason our keyboard is configured in another language, making the layout of the keys slightly different.

If you’re sure your keyboard is working properly and you’re typing your password and can’t sign in to Gmail, follow these steps:

Click where it says: I have forgotten my password.

You will then be asked to enter your email address on a form. Then it will ask you to enter the password you remember it was, you can either type in something or click on I don’t know.

In case of typing the password, click on continue.

Then provide an alternate email address, this step is best if you entered this address at the Gmail registration step.

Throughout the process you will see a progress bar that will show you how close you are to recovering your account while you answer questions related to your Google Account.

After this, you will need to enter information that you entered when you created your Gmail account, such as date of birth, name, etc. Another option that you will need to enter is the secret answer to the secret question that was asked when you registered with Gmail.

Finally, if you linked a phone number to your Google Account, you will need to enter it so that Google can contact you to reset your password.

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