Internet Explorer 11

There was a time when the King of Internet browsers was Microsoft Internet Explorer. We are currently using version 11 of this peculiar program that allows us to surf the internet, the window to the world of news, entertainment, meet new friends, even work. If you are looking to upgrade to the new version or simply download Internet Explorer 11 here we tell you what to do.

In case you did not know Internet Explorer is an application owned by the company Microsoft. It was released in August 1995 and included in a package called Microsoft Plus! For Windows 95. By August 1996 it was already included with OSR2 version of Windows 95. The most of the internet users use Internet Explorer for Hotmail Login.

Version 4.0 that should be one of the most used versions of the system was included with Windows 98. On October 3, 2014 was released the latest version of Internet Explorer, we talk about the 11 and comes by default in Windows 10; This program is available in more than 90 languages ​​including Spanish.

The Internet explorer boom
When coming by default in the Windows operating system the vast majority of users used this program to surf the internet without suspecting that there were other programs that offered the same service, the rise of Internet Explorer came with the arrival of Windows XP, it was during the period 2000-2003 where almost 100% of Internet users surfed through Internet Explorer, with the arrival of Mozilla Firefox and especially Google Chrome, Internet Explorer was losing popularity; Is currently used by less than 20% of Internet users.

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