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We continue to devise new ways of being able to initiate Hotmail.com session in English, we always have to keep in mind that the only valid, true, safe and without problems is to access through our web browser through the URL www.hotmail.com

Why hotmail.com if there is also outlook.com?
Well we can put the two, actually up to three, because it can also be accessed through live.com
However, we recommend you to login hotmail email, enter via URL and not link from a website, this will allow you to lower the risk of not accessing the official website of hotmail.com email

Why is it so difficult for me to access my hotmail email?
When opening hotmail mail in English we always stop in a way that may not be correct, we want to enter through a browser, using searches, but searches will not always return the result we want, so we insist on what to use the web browser correctly

How to log in hotmail correctly?
We open our web browser, from this website we recommend google chrome, for sure, reliable and fast, but you can use the one you like the most.

Once there you click on the address bar and type www.hotmail.com and press the ENTER key or enter your keyboard.

This way you are entering hotmail official page

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