Login to my email

I need to Login to my email?

How do I open my email account? What are the steps I have to take to be able to log in correctly?

Step to Login in my email account

To start a session you must first be registered, ie you must have an email account, but you have an email account, then you will not be able to log in.

To access your inbox what you must do is to enter your username and password, these two data entered when you created your email account. Creating an email account is very similar to creating an account on a social network or a platform, although it is not the same, generally the data are similar; For example we place our name, surname, age, gender, locality in which we live.

This will serve to give identity to your email account when you log in, every time you open the mail the system welcomes you depending on data you have placed.

Is opening an email the same as joining a social network?
No, it is not the same, in the social network our profile is online so that other users can send us friend requests so that we are part of their online circle, we also see content that may not be our pleasure, but it is For a friend of ours, so that privacy and tastes are something relative in the world of social networks.

An email is the opposite, we can have an email and nobody has to know that we have a username and password, we use it for whatever we want to send invitations, attach photos or use it as a means of online storage.

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