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Messenger refers to a series of computer applications developed for chat. There was a time especially between 1999 and 2012 where an application stood out above the rest and was popularly called Messenger, although its original name changed for a few times, started as a Windows app called Windows Messenger, later went to be MSN Messenger, finally the last version we met was Windows Live Messenger before Skype was acquired by Microsoft and the instant messenger along with this new App were merged.

Precisely the rise of Messenger came to an end with the emergence of smartphones or smartphones where it was not so difficult to be able to chat from the palm of the hand, new applications appeared, more appealing to users with characteristics of this new era.

The possibility of knowing where the person you were talking to was, the possibility of deleting messages, the possibility of knowing if a person read your message and leave it exposed to uncomfortable situations, the possibility to telephone, and chat at the same time.

All these things made Windows Messenger lose popularity with new applications, one of them is without a doubt the one that has broken with all the records, WhatsApp, this simple but productive App uses the Wifi connection to send messages, icons, emojis , Audios, calls, etc. Which allows a significant reduction in communication costs between users.

Now there are new messengers one of which is highlighted is facebook Messenger, which also has its version for mobile, allows you to chat clearly and orderly with facebook friends while integrating sensationally to our mobile device.

History of chat
The first chat was framed within a project called PLATO (computer system) at the University of Illinois in 1973. The first attempts to develop commercial software based on chat began in the late 80’s.

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