Open a mail gmail account

How to open a gmail account mail correctly on my cell phone, tablet or computer?

Well what you have to do is turn to from your preferred web browser, this can be Chrome or Firefox, from here we recommend downloading google chrome for free as it is one of the fastest and safest internet browsers of today.

Once you are in the browser just enter the corresponding URL ie the official gmail website, which would be but it can also be these two URLs will take you to the gmail inbox

With gmail you can have access to a free inbox
Send and receive emails in your work, study center or the comfort of your home

You can send photos, send videos, play music and share a lot of information with your contacts

 You can download gmail in the form of an application and run it on your tablet or cell phone

On a cell phone it is recommended to have an already registered gmail account and download the latest version of mobile gmail from google play store