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How to Open Email Hotmail? How is it done to open hotmail correctly? What is the address to open hotmail mail?
This and other questions come to us through the comments section. But basically the general idea before these questions is how to open hotmail

Why can people have problems opening hotmail mail?

Open hotmail email is very simple, just enter the web address

There are also other alternatives such as and
But when we put in the address bar we should see the official hotmail page.

In case of not seeing the page what can happen is:

We are not typing the address in the address bar. The address bar is where you see the URL of a site.

The PC is unfortunately infected with a virus, which causes another website to be addressed when we place

Finally, although it may sound strange, verify that it is indeed

You can also open your hotmail mail, from the messenger. Windows Live Messenger 2011 has a system of notifications and alerts.

When you receive a new email you will see a pop-up window on the screen, by clicking on that window you can go directly to your inbox of

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