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Email is now an essential tool both for work, study, communicate with friends or buy. Why? Why it works as a tool for identity validation, email decades is one of the stars of Internet tools, while there are new tools like social shopping sites, car rental, hotels, travel and much more. So the mail and Hotmail all mail has become a tool for identity verification.

When you create a new account on a shopping site, travel, business or social network the first thing they ask is an email, and I have insurance, but it is do not forget to register Hotmail. If you have then you should submit it to receive a verification message.

Having a Hotmail is very easy, simply go to and register it only takes a few minutes and you can chat, make friends, post to social networks, create documents, share photos and videos, all completely free.

Hotmail is still one of the most popular among users post, the mere fact that it is one of the oldest means that new users trust the opinions of Internet users with years of experience they have one thing to say, Hotmail still the best.

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