Open gmail mail in a secure way

Many wonder how to do to Open gmail mail quickly and safely from a cell phone or tablet. With so much redundant information on the internet many times we hesitate to open our email, so we will thoroughly analyze what to do to open gmail correctly.

You have two ways to access the mail gmail inbox:

1) via a webmail (web browser preferably google chrome)
2) through an app

If you enter from a computer, laptop or other device, what you have to do is go to click here where you say log in, enter your username and password, press enter (enter) and ready, it’s in your inbox.

If you want to enter from your personal or work smart phone, it is best to use the mobile gmail application, which is downloaded from google play store totally free (if you have android) and there by a previous configuration you will enter the data of your account.
Synchronize the data with your email and every time you click on the gmail icon you will be entering your inbox.

Ways to open gmail free mail using a tablet

How to open gmail from a computer or laptop or netbook or tablet

Open gmail from tablet android

Create a gmail email account to use on my cell phone

Login in English correctly

We continue to devise new ways of being able to initiate session in English, we always have to keep in mind that the only valid, true, safe and without problems is to access through our web browser through the URL

Why if there is also
Well we can put the two, actually up to three, because it can also be accessed through
However, we recommend you to login hotmail email, enter via URL and not link from a website, this will allow you to lower the risk of not accessing the official website of email

Why is it so difficult for me to access my hotmail email?
When opening hotmail mail in English we always stop in a way that may not be correct, we want to enter through a browser, using searches, but searches will not always return the result we want, so we insist on what to use the web browser correctly

How to log in hotmail correctly?
We open our web browser, from this website we recommend google chrome, for sure, reliable and fast, but you can use the one you like the most.

Once there you click on the address bar and type and press the ENTER key or enter your keyboard.

This way you are entering hotmail official page

Register gmail email account

Step by step to Register gmail email account

Gmail has become the preferred internet users email.

With more than one million registered users is the email service with more users worldwide

This great leap is due to Google Play, from the arrival of the tablet and smartphones

Many users who did not have an account must Gmail register to obtain applications, not only that

Gmail tools make users choose to spend more time browsing your tablet with a computer.

Register in Gmail easy, just go to, click where it says create account

Fill the fields in the form and ready, and be on your Gmail inbox. The place where you can send and receive emails.

Also, if you’re on a tablet you can easily create a document or spreadsheet.

For example if you are a professional or self-employed can take total control of your business from your tablet or smartphone

You can share documents work safely alone with whoever you want, plus you do not worry about storage space because Gmail offers free storage.

I can’t login Gmail

I can not open my Gmail, you can not access my email Gmail, I have trouble opening my inbox, I can not access Gmail, I have trouble opening my email, I can not log correctly. If you are going through some problems, we say quiet! There’s a solution.

The first thing to do is what is happening, and you can not access for different reasons.

I lost the password of Gmail, how comeback?
Click where it says: Do you need help?
Then click where it says: I forgot my password
Then enter your username

Later you will be asked to enter the last password you remember. Note that can be turned capitalization and that can bring you headaches.

You should entering the last password you remember you can not log in, then have the option of recovery according acted on the form to create the account, it can be through an account secondary email or by a phone number, phone, password, etc.

I forget my Gmail username, what do I do?
Click where it says: Do you need help?
Click where it says: I forgot my username.

There you will have three options to recover your account. The first is by placing your recovery email address or alternate email. This is an e-mail where the data is sent in case you lose them.

You can place a phone number must be the same with which you sign up for Gmail.

Place your name.

Download Gmail

Now you can download gmail to your phone, whether you have a Blackberry,

Android, Nokia or Windows Phone or even an iPhone, the difference with the operating system is no longer a barrier

But Android could work much better since it is a operating system developed by Google

Gmail works correctly on any type of device is Windows, Apple or Linux.

The Gmail inbox is accessed through a web browser that can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, among others.

Once we have the web browser and an Internet connection to go to placing our username and password can now login Gmail.

Now, there is a chance you want to have the inbox on your Smartphone or from a desktop application such as Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Gmail is compatible with this type of software so you can have your tray on the desktop and online

Gmail syncs seamlessly with these applications and do not lose any information.