Postcards for Christmas 2017

Send Christmas messages has always been a great tradition, there were times when a printed postcard came to our home and it was quite an experience to put it on the top of the tree, then appeared internet and began to send emails, followed by emails with data attachments as Power Point presentations with sound where the postcards were more elaborate, after the Internet began to be perfected, the first pages of the internet where we selected a template started, we edited the content and the animated postcard was sent to our addressee. opened from his mail and it was generated a redirection to this fun web.

Messenger, the Hotmail messenger, appeared and revolutionized everything, the greetings were instantaneous, we could send multimedia messages, short videos, all in real time.

Facebook came and our life changed forever, now we not only did all the above but also the whole world could see it, people commented the beautiful postcard that Maria sent to David and so on, the farewells of work, travel to the interior of the country to see the grandparents, everything, absolutely everything online and commented by hundreds of thousands of people.

Now, something was missing, the newest thing, WhatsApp, maybe it’s the previous step to facebook in terms of privacy, it’s still ours, but the total difference is that it’s in the palm of our hand, we’re so close to the cell phone that We are continuously sending messages from WhtasApp; the Christmas messages on WhatsApp are at hand.

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