Punta del Este

The city of Punta del Este is one of the most important spas and resorts region of Uruguay and southamerica. It is taken as a reference point to separate the Rio de La Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.  
The peninsula of Punta del Este is the most commercial and tourist center of the region, with two very important beaches are the Mansa and Brava.

The Mansa beach is the beach which is west of the city and is guarded by the bay so that its waves are calm and quiet, has very fine golden sand and is easily accessible, is busy mostly by families and vacationers who like recreation.

Brava beach, located east of the peninsula is washed by the waves of the Atlantic ocean and its waves varies between medium and high visitor is mainly those who enjoy water sports such as sailing, surfing, among others.

Night in Punta del Este is enjoyed mainly in its commercial and urban center with stylish restaurants, shopping centers, shops and art galleries such as the renowned International Art Expo Punta del Este.

The center of the city revolves around its streets and main avenue, Gorlero Avenue.

Punta del Este is a city located in the coastal area of ​​Maldonado in Uruguay. Its foundation dates from 1907, has a set of about 12 thousand inhabitants, yet each year in high season (summer) population totals more than half a million inhabitants.

Some of its attractions besides its beaches with golden sands are walks Casa Pueblo, the Lighthouse, Gorriti Island, Lobos Island, among others. Punta del Este hotel has the largest coverage in the country with five-star hotels, convention centers and film festivals, walks, tours, etc.

The city has a bus terminal with access to several parts of the country, especially its capital, Montevideo and also target several bus agencies.
Image: Casa Pueblo. Source: wikipedia
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