Reasons why we should drink water

Much is said about the difficult water in our bodies when we lack water, we have seen several series and movies where the protagonists die from not drinking water, we also see how multinational companies urge us to drink two liters of water per day, then, what is the truth about drinking water?

Number one: if there is no water, nothing in your body lives, all our organs are made from water and they need it.

Number two: when there is a deficiency of water in the body there is what is known as dehydration, this causes your body to slowly begin to die.

Number three: water is the largest source of energy, electrical energy, and magnetic energy.

Number four: Our body’s cells and DNA structure have structures that need that water to function properly.

Number five: water allows when food enters the body to increase the speed at which it assimilates certain essential foods found in food, that is, they require water to be transported.

Number six: mobility of red blood cells and is what carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Number seven: combat joint problems, that is, arthritis, for that the water is the best there is, its properties are important.

Number eight: water works very well what is the feeling between thirst and hunger, when we are thirsty we have to eat a lot more. But when we are fully hydrated this does not happen because the neurotransmitters of the food reception work well.

Water has hundreds of other uses in our lives, we focus on consumption, but we also have water consumption through foods such as fruits and vegetables and infusions such as coffee or water-based drinks.

Image source: flickr creative commons