Sell ​​by whatsapp the best for the modern seller

Sell ​​by whatsapp the best for the modern seller

If modernity is nothing better than selling by whatsapp, be careful here we will give you some tips so that the people you try to sell do not answer you in a bad way and block your number

Nothing worse than someone we do not know write to our whatsapp, doubly worse if that someone wants to sell us something

So never, but never write trying to sell something to someone who does not know you, surely your number will appear in a spam portal or a comment from online newspapers and block you in bulk, plus a negative comment on facebook and your work of sales by whatsapp open finished before what a rooster sings

How to do then to sell by whatsapp, that people do not block me and buy me over?

You should aim strongly to let you know, they are what they write, make a publication on facebook calling attention to a sales job or commission earnings and a contact phone, your whatsapp, hundreds of people will write and you they will leave your number, you will have the necessary confidence to send a message giving your product or service

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