Open gmail mail in a secure way

Many wonder how to do to Open gmail mail quickly and safely from a cell phone or tablet. With so much redundant information on the internet many times we hesitate to open our email, so we will thoroughly analyze what to do to open gmail correctly.

You have two ways to access the mail gmail inbox:

1) via a webmail (web browser preferably google chrome)
2) through an app

If you enter from a computer, laptop or other device, what you have to do is go to click here where you say log in, enter your username and password, press enter (enter) and ready, it’s in your inbox.

If you want to enter from your personal or work smart phone, it is best to use the mobile gmail application, which is downloaded from google play store totally free (if you have android) and there by a previous configuration you will enter the data of your account.
Synchronize the data with your email and every time you click on the gmail icon you will be entering your inbox.

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