Open a mail gmail account

How to open a gmail account mail correctly on my cell phone, tablet or computer?

Well what you have to do is turn to from your preferred web browser, this can be Chrome or Firefox, from here we recommend downloading google chrome for free as it is one of the fastest and safest internet browsers of today.

Once you are in the browser just enter the corresponding URL ie the official gmail website, which would be but it can also be these two URLs will take you to the gmail inbox

With gmail you can have access to a free inbox
Send and receive emails in your work, study center or the comfort of your home

You can send photos, send videos, play music and share a lot of information with your contacts

 You can download gmail in the form of an application and run it on your tablet or cell phone

On a cell phone it is recommended to have an already registered gmail account and download the latest version of mobile gmail from google play store

My Gmail Inbox

How to My Gmail Inbox?

To open Gmail only just go to and have access to your inbox.

Now if you are having trouble viewing your email correctly’re in the right place.

I have problems when you log Gmail, What to do?

The first thing you have to do is make sure you are actually in Gmail I mail official website

For that the web is

Then make sure there is no data in the history or cookies or open sessions for other users

That may be hindering the proper operation of your computer or Smartphone

For that in our computer from the web browser we will press the keys:

SHIFT + capital letters + Delete and history cleaner is activated

This allows you to navigate faster and in case there is an open session, close it.

Once you’re on the website of Gmail remembers enter your username and password.

But remember both the password and the username of Gmail there is a chance to recover

But that must remember the steps you took when creating the email account

One of the simplest options is to place the phone number gave high

Another is by placing an alternate email address that gave it high in advance before creating the account permanently.



The email is a communication system that allows users to send and receive text messages

Even with attachments used by the global connection internet network as a platform for message flow.

To have an e-mail account you need to register with an email provider that can be free or paid.

Some of the most famous free e-mail services are:

How does an email work?

An e-mail address basically has three parts, the user name, the at sign and the domain name.

The username is the name with which a person registers with a particular mail provider.

The at (@), is a symbol to determine where the user name ends and where the provider starts.

The name after the at sign is the domain name of the service provider.

E-mail was very popular during the first era of the internet, it was easier to send a message to a person, attach files, etc.

The rise of social networks had not arrived so the best communication was through the mail or the famous Messenger.

How do I create an e-mail?

How does an email work?

Who Invented E-mail?

What does e-mail mean?