Open gmail mail in a secure way

Many wonder how to do to Open gmail mail quickly and safely from a cell phone or tablet. With so much redundant information on the internet many times we hesitate to open our email, so we will thoroughly analyze what to do to open gmail correctly.

You have two ways to access the mail gmail inbox:

1) via a webmail (web browser preferably google chrome)
2) through an app

If you enter from a computer, laptop or other device, what you have to do is go to click here where you say log in, enter your username and password, press enter (enter) and ready, it’s in your inbox.

If you want to enter from your personal or work smart phone, it is best to use the mobile gmail application, which is downloaded from google play store totally free (if you have android) and there by a previous configuration you will enter the data of your account.
Synchronize the data with your email and every time you click on the gmail icon you will be entering your inbox.

Ways to open gmail free mail using a tablet

How to open gmail from a computer or laptop or netbook or tablet

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delete account bing

How to delete a Bing Webmaster Tools account?

Have you ever wondered if it was necessary to know How to delete a Bing webmaster tools account?

Well many times we have problems with the odd web site if we devote ourselves to the webmsater world or simply like to make money making web pages.

Maybe a website gives us some headaches, we can not remove it from the limbo of the websites that are not allowed and our account is marked, in addition we may also have been hacked!!!.

We may have been victims of the hijacking of our account and we have all our sites linked to an account, before someone realizes that we have managed several websites, we can save time by deleting the account.

How is it done?
We are going to start session hotmail with our Microsoft account, we go to Bing webmaster tools, in the upper right part of the control panel we will see our username, there we will click where it says delete account

Do we lose the pages and the positioning?
No, the only thing we are doing is telling Bing that this email account is no longer a bing webmaster tools account and that it does not manage those internet pages.

With another account we will validate the internet sites and again we will have the statistics; when logging in microsoft again but with another user name we will look inside the panel for the code that is pasted in the header of the website, copy it, paste it and then click on the validate button.