I can’t login Gmail

I can not open my Gmail, you can not access my email Gmail, I have trouble opening my inbox, I can not access Gmail, I have trouble opening my email, I can not log correctly. If you are going through some problems, we say quiet! There’s a solution.

The first thing to do is what is happening, and you can not access for different reasons.

I lost the password of Gmail, how comeback?
Click where it says: Do you need help?
Then click where it says: I forgot my password
Then enter your username

Later you will be asked to enter the last password you remember. Note that can be turned capitalization and that can bring you headaches.

You should entering the last password you remember you can not log in, then have the option of recovery according acted on the form to create the account, it can be through an account secondary email or by a phone number, phone, password, etc.

I forget my Gmail username, what do I do?
Click where it says: Do you need help?
Click where it says: I forgot my username.

There you will have three options to recover your account. The first is by placing your recovery email address or alternate email. This is an e-mail where the data is sent in case you lose them.

You can place a phone number must be the same with which you sign up for Gmail.

Place your name.



The email is a communication system that allows users to send and receive text messages

Even with attachments used by the global connection internet network as a platform for message flow.

To have an e-mail account you need to register with an email provider that can be free or paid.

Some of the most famous free e-mail services are:

How does an email work?

An e-mail address basically has three parts, the user name, the at sign and the domain name.

The username is the name with which a person registers with a particular mail provider.

The at (@), is a symbol to determine where the user name ends and where the provider starts.

The name after the at sign is the domain name of the service provider.

E-mail was very popular during the first era of the internet, it was easier to send a message to a person, attach files, etc.

The rise of social networks had not arrived so the best communication was through the mail or the famous Messenger.

How do I create an e-mail?

How does an email work?

Who Invented E-mail?

What does e-mail mean?