The official ball of the Confed Cup 2017

Krasava: this is the official ball of the Confederations Cup Russia 2017, made by the sports firm Adidas, this soccer ball was officially launched for the world at the last november 2016 and the first time it was used was in the match Russia v Romania, 1 to 0 victory for the Russian national team of soccer.

What does Krasava mean?
It is an expression used when the team is performing a creative performance and a good style of play.

The design of the Krasava
From a technological point of view the Krasava is the same ball as the one used in the World Cup Brazil 2014, a revolutionary ball with a design of six panels.

The ball is mostly white with the white badge and a red and black design with a vintage style pattern, for winter matches where there is snow on the pitch is the same ball but in orange.

Image Source: footyheadlines

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