Alejandra Costello: The Most Organized House in America

Her name is Alejandra Costello, she has thousands of followers on twitter and facebook, her videos have been viewed by more than 60 million people around the world, she has been interviewed by television channels like ABC News and has newspaper reviews like The Washington Post; Has been classified as the most orderly woman in the world and has the title of having the most organized house in America.

What is the secret of Alejandra Costello to be so organized?
His TV channel is where besides the webiste very well organized by the way, we can subscribe to his videos, download ideas to have a more organized house and a less stressful life.

One of the points where this young entrepreneur always refers to a less stressful life, the disorganization leads us to frustrate, to return home after a long working day, plus the trip in the medium of transport that is full of loads , When arriving at our house we find that it is a chaos, everything messed up and we can not enjoy our home.

One of the tips that mentions is to start by putting short goals and short term, one thing at a time, to generate a project is the kitchen, the bathroom, the boys’ room, the mascots or repair an old piece of furniture, a thing to the Instead, if we think about 30 days we will have regenerated and ordered at least 30 things in our house that were not.

Enjoy the videos of Alejandra Costello and have a more orderly, clean and less stressful life.
Alejandra defines herself as a teacher and entrepreneur, has a website that is within the 100 thousand most visited in the United States, according to the Alexa ranking, has a fan page with more than 100 thousand followers and in total more than 60 million of people have seen their instructional videos.

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