Tips to seduce a woman and not fail in the attempt

We leave you some tips and / advice to seduce a woman and not fail in the attempt, not to be like you are approaching her almost bordering on harassment, that’s why you have to take note of this article.

Why do excessive flattery not work
It is very simple, when a man who flatters too excessively shows despair; it’s not at all attractive for a man to do this
It is noted that he has very few options for women in his life and does not know how to seduce a woman correctly and colloquially

For a woman to appreciate a compliment, she must first feel that she has earned it; two because becoming your best friend always or almost always

Self-confidence, because if you are a good man, a hard-working man, a man who gives details, a man with clear goals in life, then you can transmit that security to the woman you are interested in.

The attraction of women for a certain type of man

There is also that woman who is in love and obsessed with a tramp and this happens because her emotions of attraction are totally irrational; They do not obey logic and they only obey emotions, so those men who make these girls feel strong emotions are the ones who are going to awaken desire in him.

If you are wondering why a woman I like is with that bum; the correct question would be: what emotions is this guy arousing in her?

When a woman who interests me ignores me?

Because she was so interested and now she ignores me this is a very common case in men when it comes to seducing pretty young women and the reason is that it took you too long to advance.

If a woman shows very clear signs that she wants to be with you and this woman opens up to you, expresses with words that she wants to be with you, you must always make that relationship progress and not stay stagnant.

Image source: flickr creative commons