There are 5 types of personalities

Did you know that there are several types of personalities? Discover what personality you are. What kind of personality do I have? Test to know my personality. I get very angry about what personality I have. I’m never angry at what personality I am. What personality I am?

Get to know the types of personalities that human beings have. The article is based on theses made by psychologists, but you are completely in agreement with the psychology then these data will be irrelevant, although they will be able to serve to you even if to initiate a talk with somebody.

Types of personalities:
Meticulous: they are organized and self-sufficient people, they can have them as stubborn or hardheads.

Extroverts: they are the most social, they like going out, going to the movies, going for walks, going on adventures, getting to know the world, on the other hand they have egocentric tendencies.

Friendly: excel by their confidence, are good partners in the study, work, the couple, are very passive and naive.

Adventurers: they are open to new experiences, do not stick to the routine, are unpredictable.

Neurotics: emotionally unstable, insecure, seek acceptance from others. They get irritated easily.

So the five personalities are meticulous, extroverted, sympathetic, adventurous and neurotic, although some of these characteristics may coincide with you, you may have several features of some but one always stands out.
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