Wales v Uruguay

Match Wales v Uruguay live Final China Cup 2018

La Celeste plays against The Red Dragons this coming Monday, March 26

It will be in the framework of the final of the China Cup 2018 edition

What time do they play?

The meeting Uruguay Wales 2018 is played at 7:35 p.m., local time in the city of Nanning, China

How are the teams coming to the final match?

Wales thrashed the hosts 6-0 in the opening match, Gareth Bale scored three goals

Uruguay won 2 to 0 with a goal from Luis Suárez’s penalty kick and Cavani’s Chilean goal.

Czech Republic vs. China will be the game for third place

A second hour will be playing the final

Matches of both teams after the China Cup

Uruguay has a friendly match on June 7 against Uzbekistan

Wales begins on June 9 the qualification process towards EuroCopa 2020 against Ireland

Final of the China Cup 2018 between Uruguay and Wales

Watch final match of the China Cup 2018 Uruguay vs Wales live and direct online HD

Wales to the final of the China Cup

Wales to the final of the China Cup at the hands of Bale and company

The Wales team won comfortably to China in the first game of the China Cup 2018

Now Wales waits for rival what will emerge from Uruguay – Czech Republic

Bale converted a hat trick scoring the 2 “, 21” and 62

Rounded the Vokes win at 27 “and Wilson at minute 45.

The final match will take place on March 26 at the same time 7:35 p.m., local time

Wales one of the European teams that is leading the first positions of the fifa rankgin could not qualify for the World Cup

You will have to see it online as many will enjoy watching the 2018 World Cup online

With this result Garteh Bale has become the absolute historic scorer of the Wales national football team

Uruguay to the final of the China Cup

The Celeste defeated the Czech Republic 2-0

Luis Suárez notes of criminal shooting at 10 ” and Cavani the second goal at 37 ”

Czech Republic could not with the good defensive game of Uruguay

Now Uruguay continues to simando finals, will play the great game against Wales

Gareth Bale Wales comes from thrashing China 6-0 with a personal hat trick

In total there were 14 shots to the goal of Uruguay against 5 of Czech Rep.

Uruguay had the most possession of the ball all the time with 54% possession of the ball

There were no yellow cards or red cards for any side


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