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Opening WhatsApp from a computer is possible, it can be through a web link that allows to play the session of the phone in an internet window. The web address is http://web.whatsapp.com

By entering this website you can log on whatsapp from your computer, of course you must have your phone on hand to be able to scan the QR code that allows to synchronize the session of the phone to the computer, in case you turn off the cell phone, lose internet connection or too far away the cell phone session of the PC will expire.

Advantages of WhatsApp on the computer
We have all seen or have friends that your fingers move at an unsuspected speed when chatting on whatsapp from the cell, but there is nothing faster and easier than the computer keyboard, to chat with several friends at the same time use the computer . Also in case you want to make the photos and images of whatsapp is much easier to store them on the PC as it has an easy download button.

WhatsApp Web QR Code
Why does WhatsApp ask me for a QR code? How do I read the code to open WhatsApp from a PC? Where do I find the QR code to allow me to log in to WhatsApp from a computer?

Generate QR code to access WhatsApp from a PC
For that you must go to the website of WhatsApp Web, once there will immediately appear the code in the right sector of the screen.

How do you read the code?
You should have a Smartphone with WhatsApp already installed and validated, internet connection and a camera. Once you do this you will go to the chat section and select in WhatsApp Web options.
You will see how the camera of the cell phone is activated and it becomes a QR code reader, approach it to the screen of the computer and it reads the code, you will feel a small vibration in the cellular when it is synchronized, once done this will appear WhatsApp in the Computer.

Link: http://web.whatsapp.com

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