World Baseball Classic Final match

When is the final of the world baseball classic?
Next Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 6:00 PM, -7 UTC, City of Los Angeles time.

Where is the game played?
At the historic Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers MLB team from 1962 to date, this iconic baseball stadium has a capacity of 56,000 spectators, now hosting the historic final game of baseball selections for the 2017 World Cup.

Facts about this World Cup
Two of the teams that hosted the tournament have reached final stages, we are talking about the United States and Japan.

The defender of the title could not reach the semi-finals and was eliminated in the second round, we talked about the selection of baseball in the Dominican Republic.

There were two debutants, Colombia and Israel. The Israeli selection to be their first world one realized a good performance when finishing first of its group, although it could not advance to final instances. Colombia was eliminated in the group stage of the baseball world cup.

Attendance to matches
Undoubtedly the Japanese fans are one of the most supporters of their selection. In the group stage, the most attended party of all groups was: Japan vs Cuba, at the Tokyo Dome with 44,908 spectators.

The second phase match with more public was Japan vs Netherlands with 44,326 spectators; Same stage as the previous one.

The party with more spectators without being of the Japanese selection nor played in Japan at the moment was United States vs Dominican Republic in the Petco Park in San Diego with 43,002 spectators.

Image source: twitter MLB – Puerto Rico to the final

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